Saturday, 29 August 2009

Travel to France - The Affordable Paris Bistro

The Paris bistro is still cozy, but now it has the added twist of serious, inventive food at fair prices. Left, the 20-seat dining room at Le Gaigne, where the food is hot, good and interesting. A five-course meal is 39 euros.

Photo: Julien Goldstein for The New York Times

Spring vegetables with spinach purée and thyme at Le Gaigne.

Les Papilles, the provisions and wine shop and bistro in the Fifth Arrondissement. The menu offers no choices -- everyone gets the same soup, main course, salad and dessert -- but the food is often Michelin-star quality.

Photo: Julien Goldstein for The New York Times

A dish with cucumbers, goat cheese, radishes and croutons at Les Papilles.

The main courses at Les Papilles are served family style and often out of copper gratin pans. Left, farm-raised poultry garnished with vegetables.

A biscuit topped with cream and strawberries at L'Epigramme. The restaurant serves a three-course prix fixe for 30 euros.

The food and the prices (36-euro prix fixe) at Itinéraires are appetizing. Good smells assault you instantly upon your arrival.

The mackerel at Itinéraires. The food here can be mysterious, but the experiments are restrained and flavor remains paramount.

The menu at Itinéraires in the Fifth Arrondissement. It features a handsome dining room with 60 seats.


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