Friday, 28 August 2009

Updates from Firefly Mustique

Firefly Mustique is a well loved boutique hotel known for offering guests privacy, panoramic views, and excellent service! They have recently completed upgrades on property including the following guest room improvements:
The patio of Seashell has been replaced and the old plunge pool removed to make more room for the hammock and plantation chairs, so you can relax on your private patio.

Royal Palm has a totally new look to the bathroom having had a major overall. The whole suite now has pale limestone flooring extending throughout the patio and is light and elegant.
I for one, love Royal Palm's new bathroom... swoon...

Pineapple still has the same magnificent views which you can now enjoy from the new king sized bed which has been given a fresh, crisp look with fine Italian Linens and divine down pillows.
Pineapple's elegant seating area... All rooms now have bespoke sound and temperature insulated traditional wood and glass sliding doors and new soft furnishings. This helps to keep the rooms cool and quiet.
Hummingbird, amongst other things, has a new pebble and glass shower making the bathroom beautifully fresh light and airy.

The hotel has also retired all of their petrol driven guest mules and replaced them with GEM electric vehicles. Have you seen these little "bugs" yet? If not check them out here.
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