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Top Highest Moutains in the world


The greatness of nature has no bounds. From the smallest grain of sand to the highest mountains, each has a sense of meaning and destination. Scientists say that mountains were created as a result of the shifts of the earth’s crust, but I believe that there is some force that knows what it’s doing and has some plan for all of us. I envy people who got a chance to see the magnificent beauty of these mountains (the world’s tallest) with their own eyes, but I want to thank every photographer whose photo we are showcasing today for giving us a chance to visit the places they’ve been and see the wondrous sights they’ve seen.

The Himalayas are among the youngest mountain ranges on the planet (about 50 million years old), and they are the home of the world’s highest peaks. In Nepali, “himal” means “snow-covered mountain” which in a single word beautifully describes what a traveler sees. The mountain range stretches across six countries: India, Bhutan, China, Afghanistan, Nepal, and Pakistan. No matter which of those countries you travel to, you’re sure to be charmed by the Himalayas forever.

The Himalayas have served as a natural barrier between different cultures for ages, and at the same time they have had a tremendous impact on South Asian teachings and beliefs. Many Himalayan peaks are sacred in both Hinduism and Buddhism and there are many folk tales about these graceful mountains that are passed on from fathers to sons.

1. Everest

Everest is the highest mountain in the world. It was named after George Everest, a geographer who studied India in the 19th century. The mountain is located on the border between Nepal and Tibet, and its height is 29,035.44 feet (8,850 meters) which is like 17 Taipei Towers! Everest is the sacred dream of all the mountain climbers. Every year despite all the dangers and high costs, hundreds of people try conquering the mountain.

Photo by rosskevin756

Photo by craigkass

Photo by Oriol Gascón

2. K2

K2 peak, located on the territory of Pakistan, is 28,169 feet (8,611 meters) high and is the second highest mountain in the world. People also call it the “Savage Mountain” since the ascent is very difficult. The death statistics are terrifying — for every four people who have reached the summit, one has died trying.

Photo by Aitor Las Hayas

Photo by Ilyasansri

Photo by Hamid Omar

3. Kangchenjunga

In the Nepali language “Kangchenjunga” means “The Five Treasures of Snows.” That is because the mountain has five peaks which are believed to represent the 5 repositories of God — gold, silver, gems, grain, and holy books. Elevation of the highest peak is 28,169 feet (8,586 meters).

Photo by Wim Yedema

Photo by timabbott
kang2(from Dir Joujnal info blog)


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