Saturday, 29 August 2009

Travel to France

After our brief jog around the Latin Quarter (more of a slump, I guess, but it felt like a jog to me!) we returned to our hotel... and still no rooms ready.

Just in case you didn't believe me about being able to see the side of the pantheon from the lobby... here is a shot of the hotel banner in front of the pantheon, taken from a fancy bench in the lobby.

Hunger taking over we stumbled (read: I stumbled, Karen sprighted)the few short steps to a cafe. And wouldn't you know it... you could see the Eiffel tower from my seat. In hindsight and closer examination of the photo - I really love the guy in the top hat sitting on the sidewalk. A side note on Parisians: they are much more accepting of two things (at least) than any other group of people I have encountered. 1. The homeless's right to be homeless, and 2. dogs :)

First French Breakfast. I just want you to know that this croissant had such a profound effect on me that I see it in my dreams sometimes.

And all American coffee tastes like water next to this. I miss this.

And as we walked away from our first cafe I turned and... sigh.
I think that guy might be afraid of pigeons.



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