Saturday, 29 August 2009

Travel to Luxembourg

We spent a decent amount of time in these gardens. Grab a sandwich for lunch - go sit in the gardens, have an hour before dinner? take a stroll through the gardens. It helped that the road our hotel was on dead ended into the gardens after about a quarter of a mile. I love these photos in particular because they feature a really broody Paris sky. The skies were so fickle. One moment they were blue, the next stormy.

See what I mean? the palace looks almost superimposed onto those mythic skies.

Oh the benches. Remember the saying? if you can decorate it, do!

This huge sculpture... while interesting... seemed really out of place. Luckily, it was only a temporary exhibition.

Palm trees? for a second I thought I might be in Florida!

On a nicer, less threatening day every one of those chairs would be filled, sometimes more than one person would be forced to occupy on chair... or maybe they just did that because love was in the air!


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