Monday, 21 September 2009

Tallest Buildings in the World

Today we’ll speak about the tallest buildings in the world based on statistics prepared by About Architecture team. The buildings from today are really “buildings” not the towers and not just some other tall structures. These are visited daily by thousands of people and not only to look at the scenery. Lots of people work in numerous offices doing their daily job and don’t even pay attention to the magnificent view from above. But for me, all these building are “WOW”! I mean how can one calculate and build a structure that is so high? That’s amazing and that’s so thrilling.

With every new tall building we are getting closer to the sky…and say in several hundreds years the Earth from the space will look like tangle with threads :)

Taipei 101 Tower in Taiwan.

Built in 2004, 101 stories, height 509 meters.

Taipei 101 Tower is currently the world’s tallest building – if you count its massive 60-foot spire. Its design borrows heavily from Chinese culture. Both the building’s interior and exterior incorporate the Chinese pagoda form and the shape of bamboo flowers.


Shanghai World Financial Center, China

Built in 2008, 101 stories, 492 meters.

The Shanghai World Financial Centre is a soaring glass skyscraper with a distinctive opening at the top. The ground floor of Shanghai World Financial Centre is a shopping mall and an elevator lobby with gyrating kaleidoscopes on the ceiling. On the upper floors are offices, conference rooms, hotel rooms, and observation decks.


Petronas Towers 1 & 2, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Built in 1998, 88 stores, 452 meters.

Traditional Islamic design inspired the floor plans for two Petronas towers in Kuala Lumur, Malaysia. Each floor of the 88-story towers is shaped like an 8-pointed star. At the 42nd floor, a flexible bridge connects the two Petronas Towers.



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