Monday, 21 September 2009

A trip to Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach

On weekends I was on dinner with friends in a restaurant means it can be said that we were on get together. In the restaurant we meet with our college friend who also came for dinner and he was alone so he joined our company. Recently he came here to celebrate holidays on beach and told us about trip. By hearing one of our friend feel jealous and after going that guy told us this holidays we celebrate on beach. He said and all of us like these thoughts.


Then all of us decided to celebrate beach holidays. Early next morning we went for a travel agent for knowing about packages to celebrate holidays on beach because we make our membership through that travel agent in travel industry. They showed us so many packages but we choose to go for Virginia Beach and Myrtle Beach because it was more beneficial to us. We have group membership in travel industry which provides us hotel deals for enjoying holidays. We get these offers only in holidays, weekends, festivals, events, or any other special occasion. But the decision of us we like to go there or not. By taking this package we wait for sometime to start this trip and at last that day has been reached to us for leaving home town to Myrtle Beach . We leave our home town in the month of 17th may 2008 at 10:00 AM and fly by American airlines at 12:45 PM .

Myrtle Beach is one of the most popular and major destination in united states of South Carolina . We know about this by visiting this city but a very little familiar about beaches before going there. By air we get this city within 11 hrs because it takes two stops. by leaving airport we take a beautiful behold of this city, take taxi for check in our myrtle beach hotels for which choosing was very difficult from the list of hotels in myrtle beach in all rages. We take a comfortable stay at this hotel with all modern facilities and get continue with our trip.


First day, we went on beach for which we came here. At beach we enjoy all beach activities. But an important thing we miss on beach because of our laziness that sunrise but sunset we see it which was very interesting. But location of our hotel closer to beach we see it with a very little view. Full we enjoy at beach and lying in sand was interesting. Nearer to beach broadways we enjoy nightlife where a lot of eating shops, bars, and theater were there.

Second day, we went to Ripley ’s Aquarium which was very large. Here we see animal exhibits and shows which were very nice. Barefoot landing was another major attraction in this city for enjoying live entertainment in night. In this area we also saw a blue movie and for eating so many eateries were there.

virginia beach gathering

Third day we spent at state park and travel around this area. This park was a nature loving place with a lot of water activities and speedway was another area where we saw car racing that’s was an event organizes weekly.

Fourth day we went to brookgreen garden and brant’s fishing adventure for enjoying fishing and water sports.

myrtle beach3

Fifth day, we see sunrise at beach and leave this city at noon by taking lunch to Virginia Beach by taxi.


At least within seven hours we get Virginia Beach city in United States of Virginia. In way we take only two or three stops. While continue driving we get this city. We get this at night 08:00 pm. In this city the first option was that we should go to our booked cheap hotels in virginia beach which we choose from a list of hotels and showed us images and facilities. After taking a little refreshment we came outside for taking juice and fruits and then came back to our hotel for enjoying this city.

First day, in this city we see only sights of this city. This day we see aquarium, science center, and wildfowl heritage museum. All these attractions were very interesting. To see aquarium we take a nature trail.

Second day, we went to convention center and ocean breeze water park where special events, fests, trade shows, water slides, and water shows can be seen. At these places we also enjoy water activities and this day we also enjoy nightlife of this city at these places which was so interesting.

Third day we spent for activities. This day we went to state parks and wildlife refugee where we found a lot of adventures like golfing, surfing, walking, and birding where we saw songbirds, shorebirds, butterflies and more. This day we can enjoy all activities because rests were day activities and after sunset they were not enjoyable.

Fourth day, we go for kayaking, canoeing, fishing, dolphin, swimming, boating, and whale watching which give an interactive view of this city.

Fifth day, we also went to see birding one time more because it was an interesting place to see all types of birds. This day we find something different like whale swimming, waterfowl, and first lading state park which were most visited park in this area. This park was interesting place to enjoy hiking, trails, ocean beach and more.

Sixth day we collect all our memorize moments and up to time of noon we leave this city for our hometown.

While traveling to hometown all of us make fun of each other to remember all moments and promise for next holidays to make a get together. All of us enjoyed very much these destinations.

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